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There is a list of medications containing "Piracetam" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of the products Lists of Piracetam medications The last trade name of the products
Acetan Acetan - Alopia Alopia
Altam Altam - Arpcetam Arpcetam
Arterosol Arterosol - Biocetam Biocetam
Biotam Biotam - Brentor Brentor
Bretam Bretam - Cerabol Cerabol
Cerebram Cerebram - Cerebryl Cerebryl
Cerecetam Cerecetam - Cervas Cervas
Cetam Cetam - Chepamed Chepamed
Chunggei Piracetam Chunggei Piracetam - Cognix Cognix
Cogpex Cogpex - Decamil Decamil
Delvopil Delvopil - Drecaden Drecaden
Duracetam Duracetam - Encovit Encovit
Enmecon Enmecon - Ethopil Ethopil
Etotam Etotam - Floracetam Floracetam
Foxitam Foxitam - Geritam Geritam
Gotropil Gotropil - I-Latam I-Latam
Incetam Incetam - Kang Ling Kang Ling
Kang Rong Kang Rong - Litapitam Litapitam
Lobelo Lobelo - Malocetam Malocetam
Mancetam Mancetam - Melanax Melanax
Memopil Memopil - Mempil Mempil
Mersitropil Mersitropil - Neopiram Neopiram
Netlift Netlift - Neurocetam Neurocetam
Neurocetrin Neurocetrin - Neuropil Neuropil
Neuropyl Neuropyl - Neutal Neutal
Nevropil Nevropil - Nocetam Nocetam
Noesin Noesin - Noojohn Noojohn
Noopiram Noopiram - Nootron Nootron
Nootrop Nootrop - Norzetam Norzetam
Notrotam Notrotam - Nurest Nurest
Nurobala Nurobala - Olipt Olipt
Onbrain Onbrain - Pacitam Pacitam
PC PC - Picatam Picatam
Picedin Picedin - Pirabrain Pirabrain
Pirac Pirac - Piracet Piracet
Piracetam (1 A Pharma) Piracetam (1 A Pharma) - Piracetam (Ancalima Life Sciences) Piracetam (Ancalima Life Sciences)
Piracetam (Angenerico Produtos Farmaceuticos Genericos) Piracetam (Angenerico Produtos Farmaceuticos Genericos) - Piracetam (Avexima) Piracetam (Avexima)
Piracetam (Avva Rus) Piracetam (Avva Rus) - Piracetam (Biosynthesis) Piracetam (Biosynthesis)
Piracetam (Borisov Medical Preparations Plant) Piracetam (Borisov Medical Preparations Plant) - Piracetam (Darou Pakhsh) Piracetam (Darou Pakhsh)
Piracetam (Deco Company) Piracetam (Deco Company) - Piracetam (EuroMedical) Piracetam (EuroMedical)
Piracetam (Fabiol) Piracetam (Fabiol) - Piracetam (GP Pharm) Piracetam (GP Pharm)
Piracetam (Grotex) Piracetam (Grotex) - Piracetam (International Ethical Laboratories) Piracetam (International Ethical Laboratories)
Piracetam (Irbitsky Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant) Piracetam (Irbitsky Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant) - Piracetam (Magistra C & C) Piracetam (Magistra C & C)
Piracetam (Mapichem) Piracetam (Mapichem) - Piracetam (Metiska Farma) Piracetam (Metiska Farma)
Piracetam (Microgen NPO) Piracetam (Microgen NPO) - Piracetam (Norbiofarm) Piracetam (Norbiofarm)
Piracetam (North Star) Piracetam (North Star) - Piracetam (Pharmstandard-Leksredstva) Piracetam (Pharmstandard-Leksredstva)
Piracetam (Pharmstandard-Marbiopharm) Piracetam (Pharmstandard-Marbiopharm) - Piracetam (Samsung Pharmaceutical) Piracetam (Samsung Pharmaceutical)
Piracetam (Sandoz) Piracetam (Sandoz) - Piracetam (Slavonic Drugstore) Piracetam (Slavonic Drugstore)
Piracetam (Sopharma) Piracetam (Sopharma) - Piracetam (Teva) Piracetam (Teva)
Piracetam (Thephaco) Piracetam (Thephaco) - Piracetam (Valenta Pharmaceuticals) Piracetam (Valenta Pharmaceuticals)
Piracetam (Valma Laboratorio) Piracetam (Valma Laboratorio) - Piracetam (Zhejiang Tianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory) Piracetam (Zhejiang Tianfeng Pharmaceutical Factory)
Piracetam (Zydus Pharmaceuticals) Piracetam (Zydus Pharmaceuticals) - Pirahexal Pirahexal
Piraject Piraject - Piraneo Piraneo
Piranerv Piranerv - Pirasaint Pirasaint
Pirastam Pirastam - Piratropil Piratropil
Pirav Pirav - Pitamcap Pitamcap
Pitotom Pitotom - Pratropil Pratropil
Prem Prem - P-Tam P-Tam
PTM PTM - Qing Da Qing Da
Racetam Racetam - Resibron Resibron
Retam Retam - Seoba Seoba
Setam Setam - Stamin Stamin
Stem Stem - Tamwell Tamwell
Tan Fu Tan Fu - Ultacetam Ultacetam
Unapiran Unapiran - Zalik Zalik
Zalipan Zalipan - Zynootrop Zynootrop

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